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Students, their families, the community, nation, and even the world  are all being greatly impacted by COVID-19. It has caused them to change their daily routines and lives in ways that they never expected. It is in unprecedented times like these, that cause anxiety and fear within individuals. In order to help deal with this situation and feelings a person may be having, the Anthony Wayne Local Schools school guidance counselors have developed this page of resources to share ideas that others have found helpful when dealing with different situations associated with COVID -19. Please check the site often because new information will be shared frequently in order to deal with this ever revolving situation. 

Also, if you feel that your child or you would like to talk to someone concerning the feelings your child is experiencing, do not hesitate to contact your child’s school counselor. You and your family are wished health and happiness during this difficult and trying time.

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District Coronavirus Communications

I wanted to share the following update with you.

COVID-19 Update
The below data represents the total active COVID-19 cases as of yesterday. 

Positive students that attend AW schools:  36 (0.82%)
Positive staff members that work in the AW schools:  5 (1%)
Quarantined students that attend AW schools:  64 (1.46%)
Quarantined staff members that work in the AW schools:  2 (0.41%)
Students/staff that were exposed in AW schools and are using the Mask to Stay ODH Policy: 0 

The District asks for your assistance in watching for the development of symptoms within the students and ensuring that they stay home if exhibiting COID-19 symptoms. According to many Public Health agencies, below are the common symptoms that may develop within a person who is positive for the virus:

Fever or chills (100 degrees or higher)
Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
Muscle or body aches
New loss of taste or smell
Sore throat
Congestion or runny nose
Nausea or vomiting

The District understands that many of these symptoms are the same symptoms that a person would experience with the common cold, flu, and/or other illnesses that people experience during this time of year. Parents/guardians can contact the nurse in each of the school buildings if they have questions about symptoms, whether a student should stay home or not, and/or about COVID-19 testing. In addition, the District encourages parents/guardians to contact their health care provider with specific medical questions. 

What does the required reporting of COVID-19 data in the schools really mean?
The State of Ohio requires each school district to report each Monday the number of students and staff that are positive and those that are in quarantine as a result of COVID-19. What does this data truly represent? AWLS has experienced minimal spread in the school buildings based on the available data/information that the District has on each case. Over the last two months, nearly all of the positive cases and quarantines were a result of individuals being exposed outside of the school buildings; many of the cases were from exposure to a positive family member. The data that is reported is only based on students who attend AWLS schools and if they are positive or in quarantine regardless of the cause of their individual situation or whether or not they have even been in the school buildings after being exposed or being contagious. 

Parents/guardians have done a great job of monitoring symptoms and keeping symptomatic students home to avoid contact with other students and staff members in the buildings. The District asks that you continue to do this especially as we all return to school from the Fall break. There are sixteen school days between now and the Winter break. It is important to always keep everyone as healthy as possible and especially now during all the holiday celebrations.

COVID-19 Vaccination Boosters
The District has received questions about the eligibility of students to receive the COVID-19 booster shots. According to the CDC and Ohio Department of Health,"Booster doses are authorized for fully vaccinated Pfizer/Comirnaty, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson vaccine recipients who are 18 years old or older. Johnson & Johnson recipients are eligible 2 months after their first dose, and Pfizer/Comirnaty and Moderna recipients are eligible six months after completing the original vaccine series. At this time, booster doses are not recommended for anyone younger than 18 years. However, a third/additional dose of the Pfizer vaccine is recommended for immunocompromised individuals age 12 and older. This is recommended four weeks after receiving the initial two doses."

Yesterday, it was reported that Pfizer will ask for approval for people ages 16 and 17 to receive booster doses. 

Board Member Election
With the close percentage difference between Mr. Prine and Mr. Lutz for the second school board member position, the Lucas County Board of Elections will complete a recount of the votes. The District is not aware of a reported timeline for this recount, but assumes it will be within the next couple of weeks. The new board members’ terms begin in January. 

Operation Street Smart Parent Program
The District will provide the Operation Street Smart Parent Program on Wednesday, December 15 at 6pm in the high school cafeteria. These law official experts will provide information on what drugs adolescents are using and how, tips to recognize drug use, paraphernalia examples, how adolescents hide drugs, and other related drug use topics. 
Thank you and have a great day! Go Generals!!

Dr. Jim Fritz

The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) announced yesterday that quarantine requirements for those students and staff exposed to a positive COVID-19 person while at school have changed at this time. You can view the ODH new quarantine requirement options here. In an effort to make sure there is a clear understanding of these changes, and the District’s policy changes as a result of the ODH changes, please review the following information.

What has changed in the quarantine requirements?
While the same quarantine requirements remain in place for students who are exposed outside of school, the ODH developed the “Mask to Stay” and “Test to Play” options for students and staff exposed to a positive COVID-19 person while at school or an extracurricular activity. Once again, these two new options only apply to those students and staff exposed at school or in an extracurricular activity. Please know that students and staff exposed to a positive person outside of school are not impacted by these two options.

What is the “Mask to Stay” option from ODH?
Direct contacts, regardless of vaccination status, may remain in the classroom environment if they do the following:

  • Wear a mask for 14 days after their last date of exposure.
  • Self-monitor, or parent-monitor, for symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Isolate and get *tested if they start to experience symptoms associated with COVID-19 (regardless of level of severity). 
  • Students and staff may discontinue the above mask wearing/self-monitor procedures after seven days if they don’t develop symptoms and *test negative between days 5-7.


What is the “Test to Play” option form ODH?
Asymptomatic contacts may continue to participate in extracurricular activities if they do the following:

  • *Testing on initial notification of exposure to COVID-19.
  • Wear a mask when able (this includes transportation, locker rooms, sitting/standing on the sidelines, and anytime the mask will not interfere with breathing, the activity, or create a safety hazard.)
  • *Test again on days 5-7. If they are negative at this time, they will test out of quarantine. 

*The tests referenced above are proctored PCR or antigen tests.  

What is the AWLS mask policy moving forward for students and staff?
As a result of the changes in the quarantine requirements from ODH, the Anthony Wayne Local Schools will move from a mask requirement to masks as an option for staff and students starting on Wednesday, October 27. The District does highly recommend that students and staff wear masks to eliminate the potential for a quarantine during an exposure at school. Please know that if an individual is wearing a mask at school and is exposed to a positive person, the individual will not be placed into quarantine unless the exposed person becomes symptomatic.

Please know that all students and staff are still required to wear a mask on a school bus or van per the requirements of the Federal Government. This mask requirement on buses and vans is set to expire on January 18, 2022, as described HERE.     

Did the quarantine requirements change for those individuals exposed out of school or who develop COVID-19 like symptoms?
No, ODH or the Toledo Lucas County Health Department (TLCHD) did not change the quarantine requirements for a student or staff member that is exposed to a positive person outside of school or for those that develop COVID-19 like symptoms. You can find these health department quarantine requirements HERE.   

Thank you and have a great day! Go Generals!!

Dr. Jim Fritz

I wanted to share information about the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funds that have been discussed in recent social media posts and was brought up at the October Anthony Wayne Board of Education meeting.

Federal Government Funding for COVID-19 Relief in Schools
Since the spring of 2020, both the federal and state governments have provided additional funding to schools as a result of COVID-19. This past March, Congress passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act that authorized districts across the Nation to receive additional COVID-19 funding. Below is a description of that funding and how Anthony Wayne Local Schools is spending and plans to spend those funds.

What is ESSER and how did Districts qualify for these Relief Funds?
The Federal government approved the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) funding allocations for traditional public schools and community schools as a result of COVID-19. In doing so, specific funds were allocated to each public school district and community school based on the percentage of Title One funds each district receives. Title One funds are determined by the federal government based on the number of low-income families (defined by the Federal government) a school district has within its community. The ESSER funds were sent from the Federal government through the U.S. Department of Education to each state in the Nation. Each school district in Ohio will receive ESSER funds through the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) through their grants management system. The State of Ohio decided to allocate 90% of the funds directly to public schools and community schools. The other 10% has been dedicated by the state to support public schools and community schools through what they call “State activities” and/or emergency situations which will be determined by the Ohio Department of Education and state leaders.

What Requirements are there to Spend the Relief Money?
School districts are able to utilize and spend the ESSER funds through September of 2022 within specific areas. Each school district in Ohio was required to develop a plan on how to spend the ESSER funds and submit that plan to the ODE by August 20, 2021. Each school district was also required by ODE to submit an American Rescue Plan (ARP) so they could review and approve how each district plans to spend the ESSER funds within the specific allowable spending requirements. ODE asked each district to add a summary to the required Safe Return to In-Person Instruction and Continuity of Services Plan. This information is on the AWLS website and can be accessed here. The specific information starts on page nine of the document.

In what Specific Areas can Districts Spend these Relief Funds?
As mentioned above, school districts are required to spend ESSER funds within specific allowable areas. These areas include COVID-19 expenses, instructional support for students, intervention services for students, educational technology, mental and physical health support services for students, summer learning opportunities for students, improvement of facility conditions for students and staff, and maintenance of the current services provided to students.

The Anthony Wayne District has allocated the ESSER funds in these areas and is spending the funds in the above mentioned areas. For example, here are just some of the ways the District is spending the relief funds:

The District used the ESSER funds to provide several programs this summer to students that included STEAM activities, student academic intervention and enrichment, ACT study program, and a high school credit recovery program. Due to the success of these programs and the benefit to students, the District plans to use the ESSER funds for these services to be provided again in the summer of 2022.

The District will use these relief funds to continue mental and physical health services necessary during this time such as nurses, social workers, and other support services.

The District has purchased a significant amount of student technology to provide a one technology device to one student ratio in each school building.

Based on an independent review of the HVAC systems in each building and the work that was completed in the District’s last renovation and new construction projects, the District is in the planning stages of an approximate one million dollar HVAC improvement project that will improve air quality in specific identified school building areas.  

The District hired additional staff (I.e intervention coaches and tutors) for the 2021-2022 school year to provide specific instructional services to meet the individual needs of identified students. In addition, the District has and plans to continue to provide additional staff professional development within these intervention areas to help our students with their academic achievement.

The District is appreciative of the COVID-19 relief funds that have been approved by the Federal and State governments. These relief funds, spent in the allowable areas, will provide additional services for students, physical and mental health services for students, academic intervention for students, additional technology for students, improvements in HVAC systems, and additional summer school opportunities. While the relief funds are temporary, the District does appreciate that we can use them to provide services to students at this time while making improvements in HVAC and technology.  

Dr. Jim Fritz

District Enrollment
Each September, I provide an enrollment report to the Board of Education. We will post this enrollment report to the District website on Tuesday morning for everyone to review. Here are just some of the highlights:

  • At this time, the District enrollment is 4440 which is up 15 students from last year, but down 98 students from September of 2019. 
  • The highest class enrollment is 379 students which is the 10th grade. 
  • The average enrollment per class is 338.
  • The average enrollment in grades 5-12 is 344.
  • The average enrollment in grades K-4 is 312. Over the last several years, we have seen this number lower than the 5-12 enrollment. Part of the reason is the birth rate has significantly dropped during this same time.

COVID-19 Data Update
I will present a detailed update to the Board of Education on Monday night. The presentation will be placed on the AW website on Monday afternoon. Below is a summary of the data in the presentation. Data from the CDC and TLCHD can be found on their websites.

Lucas County Data (Per CDC and TLCHD data as of 9/9/21):

  • Community Transmission: High (categories include low, medium, substantial, and high)
  • Positivity Rate over the last 7 days: 14.39% (2.27% increase over last 7 days)
  • Percent vaccinated that are eligible: 56.6%
  • Number of positive cases per day over the last 14 days: 128/day
  • Positive case for ages 0-19 for the last three months:
    • June ‘21: 31 cases which was ~15% of the overall cases
    • July ‘21: 46 cases which was ~15% of the overall cases
    • Aug. ‘21: 577 cases which was ~26% of the overall cases

AW Community Data Per Zip Code (Per TLCHD as of 9/9/21):

  • 43537
    • 134 positive cases in last 21 days
    • 50 positive cases in last 7 days
    • 67.67% vaccination rate
  • 43566
    • 64 positive cases in last 21 days
    • 12 positive cases in last 7 days
    • 67.84% vaccination rate
  • 43571
    • 34 positive cases in last 21 days
    • 6 positive cases in last 7 days
    • 62.51% vaccination rate
  • 43542
    • 32 positive cases in last 21 days
    • 12 positive cases in last 7 days
    • 64.59% vaccination rate
  • 43522
    • 13 positive cases in last 21 days
    • 5 positive cases in last 7 days
    • 22.92% vaccination rate
  • 43551 (Wood County)
    • 129 positive cases in last 14 days
    • No other similar data reported 
  • AWLS Data (9/10/21):
    • Student Positive Cases = 12
    • Student Quarantines = 98
    • Staff Positive Cases = 3
    • Staff Quarantines = 0

Please remember that AWLS COVID-19 data can be found on the AWLS website at:

Every school day, AW students and staff leave their homes and come to school. Thousands of students come to school each day with a variety of backgrounds and beliefs. They enter school buildings with their own past experiences. While each day can be different, the normal experience is that students are provided learning opportunities where they use their learner’s mindset to collaborate, communicate, be adaptable, be flexible, use critical thinking, and demonstrate empathy with those around them. In addition to the academic work, the staff and students do an outstanding job of working each day to develop positive relationships that provide a solid foundation for learning to take place. Yes, while there are bumps along the road of each school year, our students and staff do incredible work together. The result of what happens each and every day can be seen in the success of our current students and recent graduates.

In my position as superintendent, I am privileged to hear so many success stories about our students and our recent graduates. If you are interested in reading about the success of these current and former students, The Mirror newspaper is a good source of information. The paper has done a great job of highlighting our current students and our graduates that have found success in their chosen fields that include the trades, agriculture, military, and several degreed occupations. 

Our students and staff continue to show resilience and hope that they can be successful through their collaborative work together. The District is thankful to the AW community for the support that is given to do this important work with our youth. Thank you!   Go Generals!!

Dr. Jim Fritz

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