Fallen Timbers Middle School Counseling Department
Fallen Timbers Middle School
6119 Finzel RD
Whitehouse, OH 43571
Fax 419-877-4907


Amy Barbour
Counselor for:
Team of Patterson, Rygalski, Sonnenberg, Fritz
Team of Ernsthausen, Westhoven, Barnes, Chipka           

Jennifer Minni
Counselor for:
All of 5th grade
6th grade:
Team of Clayton, Frankfather, Pingle, Corbett
Team of Huddleston, Instone

Jennifer Atkinson-Minni and Amy Barbour

Our Mission:

The preteen years are represented by tremendous growth, both physically and emotionally. This growth can be awkward for children and hard to deal with and navigate as parents. As parents, you may find your child(ren) striving for independence while you might feel they are not ready.

We are able to provide many resources to supplement families’ individual needs. In addition, we provide individual, group, and classroom counseling for your students at Fallen Timbers.

We want students, families, and community members to feel comfortable communicating questions, concerns, and student accomplishments. We are always open to helping with any issues that may arise at school or at home.

We truly enjoy working with your child(ren) in this age group. Our goal is to provide them with the tools to help them mature into responsible, well-rounded and thriving teens.


Classroom Guidance
At the middle school each of us conducts a variety of classroom guidance activities on a regular basis. These activities may include lessons on social skills, relationships, test preparation, careers, acceptance of others and problem solving skills.

Small Group Counseling
Through out the school year a variety of small groups are formed to meet the needs of identified groups of children. These groups address social, emotional, or academic issues. Topics may include self esteem, anger management, friendships, or academic issues. The students meet with their counselor once a week for 6-8 weeks either during lunch or study hall.

Individual Counseling
Individual Counseling will be provided to students with unique concerns that cannot be addressed in group or classroom guidance. These students are referred to individual counseling by teachers, principals, parents or they may request this service themselves.

The individual concerns and information about students are very important and will be treated with sensitivity and confidentiality. Information will not be shared with outside agencies or individuals without written permission from parents. Furthermore, confidential information not related to academics will not be shared with teachers without parental consent.