Academic Assistance


Throughout the school year, we will be reviewing 6 reading strategies that your child can use if he/she gets stuck on a word.   When reading with your child, please encourage him/her to use these strategies.   They are...

•  Look at the picture for clues.

•  Look at the beginning sound.

•  Start the sentence over.

•  Skip the word and go on.

•  Look for little words within the word.

•  Ask yourself: "Does the word make sense?"

In addition, your child will be learning "The Phonics Dance." This is another tool your child can use if he/she gets stuck on a word. "The Phonics Dance" is made up of 40 different "hunks & chunks" with each "hunk & chunk" having its own chant and movement.   It makes sounding words out easier because it breaks words down into chunks rather than just letters with individual sounds. Ask you child to share the "hunks & chunks" he/she has learned so far. The following is a chart with the "hunks & chunks" we'll be covering this year.

Hunks & Chunks Chart