Students in grades 1-4 attend Music class two times each week for thirty minutes at a time. Kindergarten students attend Music once each week for thirty minutes. While in Music class students sing, study and play music, dance, move, and explore many musical concepts. Students in grades 1-4 also have the opportunity to present a music program to their fellow students during the school day and to parents and family members in the evening. Students in third and fourth grade also have the extra opportunity to participate in ensemble after school if interested.


Reading Intervention:

Throughout the school year, we will be reviewing 6 reading strategies that your child can use if he/she gets stuck on a word.   When reading with your child, please encourage him/her to use these strategies.   They are...

•  Look at the picture for clues.
•  Look at the beginning sound.
•  Start the sentence over.
•  Skip the word and go on.
•  Look for little words within the word.
•  Ask yourself: "Does the word make sense?"

In addition, your child will be learning "The Phonics Dance."   This is another tool your child can use if he/she gets stuck on a word.   "The Phonics Dance" is made up of 40 different "hunks & chunks" with each "hunk & chunk" having its own chant and movement.   It makes sounding words out easier because it breaks words down into chunks rather than just letters with individual sounds.   Ask you child to share the "hunks & chunks" he/she has learned so far.   The following is a chart with the "hunks & chunks" we'll be covering this year.



Students at Waterville Primary attend art class once a week. Kindergarten students are in art class for 30 minutes and grades 1-4 are in art for an hour.

The students create art using a wide variety of materials including clay, plaster, chalk, oil pastel, colored pencil, pencil, watercolors and tempera paints. The children study art pieces from a wide variety of artists and also learn about art from cultures across the globe.

Each spring, pieces of art created by Waterville students are displayed at our District Art Show and Music Festival. You can also find selected pieces of student art on display throughout the building.


Physical Education:

Students in grades 1-4 attend Physical Education class two times each week for thirty minutes at a time. Kindergarten students attend Physical Education once each week for thirty minutes. During Physical Education classes, children are very active. They learn the importance of movement and work on many different developmentally appropriate activities to improve fitness, coordination and to have fun. A significant part of our Physical Education curriculum also focuses on fitness and nutrition. Students are always encouraged to wear or bring tennis shoes to school on Physical Education days so they can all participate fully and safely in all activities in the gymnasium.


Waterville Media Center:

Students in all grades visit the media center once each week for thirty minutes. During this time they have an opportunity to check out books, hear stories, work on computers available in the media center and READ!!