School service organization with fourth grade representatives

Student council members are chosen twice a year and any student can give a speech to become a part of this group. The fourth grade students are the leaders of our school. They help with the morning drop-off as parents bring students to school. They have a first grade buddy class that they get together with to listen to them read and help with projects.  Each morning they read the morning announcements and some have volunteered to be " peacekeepers " during the lunch recess time. We are very proud of them!


January Bucket Filling Lunch

Students displaying the character trait of the month are rewarded with a Bucket Filling Slip. Students can choose to either use the Bucket Filling Slip to "purchase" a knick knack or can enter the Bucket Filling Slip into the monthly drawing for lunch with the principal. The Bucket Filling Lunch with the Principal is held once a month. Each month one student from each grade level is selected to eat lunch with the principal.



Monthly Bucket Filling Traits

August-Bucket Filling
December-Positive Attitude
February-Do Your Best
May-Bucket Filling