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School Counselor: Kate Bailin
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Phone Number: 419-877-0543
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Counseling Program

Hello!  My name is Kate Bailin and I am the School Counselor at Whitehouse Primary.  School counselors provide social-emotional education, prevention, and intervention services to help students achieve academic success.  I collaborate with parents, staff members, and the community to create a safe and caring school climate that supports all students.  Throughout the school year, I work with students individually, in small groups, and in K-4 classroom lessons.  Common areas of focus include: feeling identification, social skills, conflict resolution, coping skills, stress management, academic and behavior support, anger management, career awareness, family stressors and changes, and parenting guidance.  If you have any questions or concerns about your child, please contact me by email or phone (419-877-0543).

Miss Bailin’s School Counselor Resource Website:
American School Counselor Association: Role of Elementary School Counselors

Classroom Lessons

Classroom counseling lessons are the best opportunity to impact the largest amount of students.  Throughout the school year, I will visit K-4 classrooms to provide lessons on social-emotional topics such as:

-Feelings and Self-Esteem
-Coping Skills
-Conflict Resolution
-Making and Keeping Friends
-Social Skills
-Problem Solving
-Career Exploration

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling is a service offered to K-4 students.  Students may be referred for individual counseling by a parent, teacher, staff member, or themselves.  Counseling may be ongoing or short-term based on the problem/situation.  If a student requires on-going counseling, I will contact the parent to discuss the situation.  Occasionally, I may refer families to an outside agency if the situation requires more in-depth counseling with a licensed professional counselor.

Issues that a school counselor may address with students include:

  • Feeling identification
  • Social skills
  • Conflict resolution
  • Coping skills
  • Stress management
  • Academic and behavior support
  • Anger management
  • Family changes
  • Grief
  • Self-esteem

Small Group Counseling

Small group counseling is a service offered to K-4 students.  Group sizes typically range from 4-6 students of similar ages.  Students may be invited to join a small group throughout the course of the school year.  Small groups benefit students because they allow peers to share ideas, give and receive feedback, increase awareness, and practice new skills in a group format.  Groups typically run 6-8 weeks and are structured based on social-emotional learning objectives. Common group topics include: self-esteem, making friends, social skills, family changes, grief, and study skills.  Groups will be formed throughout the school year based on students’ needs.  If your child is invited to participate in a group, a letter will be sent home with more information.  Please contact me if you feel that small group counseling would benefit your child.

Bullying Prevention

In addition to providing positive school-wide programs and initiatives, we also educate students about Bullying Prevention.  Students are taught about the various types of bullying, including: physical, verbal, relational, and cyber.  It is important to understand that arguments and confrontations between students may not always be considered bullying.  To help distinguish bullying from routine childhood conflicts, look for these characteristics:

  1. The behavior is done intentionally
  2. The behavior is repeated over time
  3. A real or perceived imbalance of power exists between the two parties

Bullying Prevention Resources For Parents:

  1. What to Do About Bullying: Tips for Parents
  2. Bullying Prevention: Parent Presentation  
  3. Anthony Wayne Policy on Bullying and Other Forms of Aggressive Behavior

School-Wide Initiatives

At Whitehouse Primary, we offer several school-wide programs to promote a positive school environment.

Our PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Support) Program emphasizes three building wide expectations that are consistent throughout the Anthony Wayne School District.  These expectations are: Be Responsible, Be Respectful, and Be Safe.  Teachers and staff members work together to reinforce these expectations throughout the school year.  By demonstrating the expectations, students have the opportunity to earn “General Dollars,” which can be spent on prizes or coupons once a month.  Some of the special coupons students can buy include wearing a hat for a day, chewing gum, wearing slippers, extra art/music/gym time, lunch with the school counselor, or principal for the day!  Teachers also nominate a Student of the Month who demonstrates our monthly core character trait.  We are looking forward to using our PBIS program as a way to create the best learning environment for our students!

Check out the Links to our Whitehouse Primary PBIS Videos:


Soul Shoppe is a national program that promotes a positive school environment. Here are some of the tools that are taught to students through the Soul Shoppe program:

The “I Message” and “Clean-Up”: Used to assist with conflict resolution

I Message:

I feel...
When people...
I need...
Will you please… ?

Clean Up:

I know that I…
I apologize.
What can I do to make it right?
Next time I will…
Will you forgive me?

“The Balloon”: We use the concept of “the balloon” to explain stress management to students.  We discuss how all of the stressful events throughout the day begin to fill up an invisible balloon inside of us.  When the balloon is full, some of the stress may “leak” out and cause us to be unkind to others.  We work with students on healthy ways to safely release some of the air (stress) from our balloons. 

Being an Ally: An ally is someone who steps in when they see another student being teased or hurt in some way.  Allies step in, stand up, and help one another.  Allies say, “We don’t do that at our school. Please stop!”  Allies do not take sides--they look out for everyone! 

To learn more about Soul Shoppe, please visit their website.