Annual Pest Control Notification

Dear Parent or Guardian:

You may be informed of  pesticide applications made to school property during this school year.

Anthony Wayne Local Schools has a plan of action for controlling insects, rodents and various pests in and around our facilities.  The District's plan of action for controlling pests incorporates many of the practices of Integrated Pest Management (IPM).  IPM emphasizes various non-chemical means of control including education, cleaning and sanitation, closure of points of entry, elimination of harborage for pests, and maintaining proper food storage methods. However, chemical controls may also be utilized as a last resort when nontoxic controls have been exhausted, or are unreasonable.

In the event that the use of chemicals is prescribed by the pest control professional, school administrators and staff will receive notification 24 hours prior to use of chemicals.  E-Mail notification of parents who completed an Annual Pesticide Notification EMAIL Request form will also occur prior to the application of chemicals.

However, in certain emergencies, such as an infestation of stinging insects, pesticides may be applied without prior notice to prevent injury to staff and students; in which case notifications will be made as soon as possible following the pesticide application.

Also, please understand that there will be no notifications provided for EPA exempt pesticides (such as cleaning chemicals or baits and gels); or for lawn applications.  In addition, notifications are not provided for mechanical removal techniques such as traps, snap traps, and glue boards.

Material Safety Data Sheets for all pest control chemicals used in District facilities will be on file at each building. For further information, contact the District Pest Management Coordinator at (419) 877-1200, or visit

If you wish to receive Email notifications of pesticide applications, please complete the Annual Pesticide Notification EMAIL Request form or print and complete the form, and submit it to:

AW Operations Department
5967 Finzel Road
Whitehouse, Ohio 43571

Click HERE to download the Annual Pesticide Notification EMAIL Request Form