Anthony Wayne Local Schools ~District Millage Summary

• Anthony Wayne Local School District has a total Voted Millage (including Inside Millage of 2.10 mills – set by Lucas County Commissioners) of 62.30 mills for our General Revenue Fund; of which 27.34 mills is our current effective millage rate for tax collection.  We collect nearly $22,000,000 from local tax collections through the Lucas County Auditor.

• 3.60 mills is for our Emergency Fund that was originally passed in 2003 (4.85 mills) and generates $3 Million annually.  This Emergency Fund comes up for voter renewal every 10 years.  The last approval was November 2012.  

• Our current assessed valuation (2012) is $810,963,970.  Assessed value is 35% of the sale value of your home.  (i.e. home value $100,000 * 35% = $35,000 assessed valuation – what you pay taxes on)  As our valuation increases due to reassessment, our effective millage decreases, due to HB 920 which is a tax credit factor applied to voted millage.  As valuation increases, millage decreases, being it takes less millage to generate the voter approved tax dollars.  Currently, 1 mill generates roughly $810,964.00 in the Anthony Wayne School District.

• 2.6 mills is collected annually for our Bond Retirement Fund.  This pays the district debt owed from previously voter approved construction/renovations that occurred in the district.  $2,150,000 is collected annually.  This millage is reviewed by the Lucas County Auditor on an annually basis and reduced according to the district debt schedule.  The districts last refunding was completed in February 2011.

• 2.20 mills is collected annually for our Permanent Improvement Fund.   This is from the movement of Inside Millage (done prior to 2005) and is set-a-side to maintain our buildings and equipment.  No salaries/benefits can be paid from these funds.  Some recent projects/purchases include stadium upgrades, roof replacements, HVAC at Jr High, bus replacements, technology upgrades, textbooks,  etc.  We are collecting $1,755,000.00 annually, which is down due to recent revaluation.

Anthony Wayne Local Schools collects $1,081.00 dollars for every $100,000 of assessed real estate value.  Out of all the school districts in Lucas County, Anthony Wayne has the lowest effective millage of all the public school districts in the county.  This means that Anthony Wayne taxpayers pay the lowest amount of property taxes to their respective school district of anyone in Lucas County.  A taxpayer from Ottawa Hills for example, would pay more than twice the amount as a taxpayer in Anthony Wayne.

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