Fallen Timbers....Your Place to Shine

Academically, we are proud of both our staff and students for the incredible effort they put into teaching and learning, as well as the outstanding results that are generated.  We have the the following academic strengths at Fallen Timbers:

  • talented, creative, hard-working, and caring staff
  • students who are motivated, well-behaved, value learning, and support each other in the classroom
  • high expectations for staff and students with effective guidance to help meet these expectations
  • teachers who do a superior job of teaching national and state standards, but help students learn and apply so much more
  • teachers who work hard at helping students develop important 21st Century skills
  • teaching in teams to better meet student's needs, get to know the students, and collaborate instructionally
  • extensive transition programs set up to assist students transitioning from 4th to 5th grade and 6th to 7th grade
  • strong intervention program to assist struggling learners
  • special education teachers who effectively meet student needs through inclusionary environments
  • positively impacting gifted program to challenge and extend high ability students
  • choir available for 6th grade students
  • physical education program that promotes exercise, life games, nutrition,...., to ensure the body is as strong as the mind
  • differentiated instruction throughout the building to best meet students of all abilities, interests, motivation, and performance, use of Best Practices by instructional staff
  • Ohio Achievement Assessment test scores that have trended upward for 3 years in a row, our school consistently ranks in the top 3 in Northwest Ohio on the "passage rate", our building has earned the "Excellence" state rating seven years in a row, we have been designated as "Excellent with Distinction" 2 out of the past 3 years.
  • A unique opportunity for 5th grade students to participate in band, our 5th and 6th grade band is always one of the finest in the area
  • SMART boards in all 30 homeroom classrooms for all core areas, laptop carts with 30 laptop computers available for each teaching team, up-to-date computer lab
  • Media center full of over 13,000 books and multiple other resources, and a Media Center Specialist who works collaboratively with teachers to ensure best instructional and learning materials and information are available to students and teachers


At Fallen Timbers, while we take great pride in our academic accomplishments, we are equally proud of what we offer to our students beyond the classroom.  in fact, our programs, strategies, and activities, developed to reach students outside of the classroom may be major determining factors in the reason our students do so well academically.  We believe that the strong connection to the school established through various activities and programs helps to build and maintain student motivation and performance academically. 

Beyond the classroom, we offer the following:

  • Field trips to expose students to real world situations coordinated to content standards
  • 6th grade students attend a week-long outdoor education experience
  • Special building-wide or team programs led by various staff members throughout the year such as International Food Feasts, Fun & Fitness Day, 6th grade Track & Field Day, Talent Show, Musical, Smithsonian, and the Art Show
  • Spirit days and assemblies
  • Students may run for and serve on the Student Leadership Council
  • Drug Resistance Education Program and has programming addressing both 5th and 6th grade students
  • Guidance Counselors who create classroom lessons, groups for various needs, individual counseling, and building-wide programs
  • band and music concerts
  • positive school-wide and team behavior reward programs
  • frequent rewarding of student academic achievements (Honor Roll, Improvement Roll, Students of the Month, Honor's Breakfast)
  • character education promoted as a building, team, classroom and individual


While we are proud of our academic success and numerous efforts to reach each child beyond the academic rigor, we understand that the backbone of our accomplishments is our parent and community support.  Our community and parent involvement and support clearly helps our staff and students to do their best.  Not only do we benefit from support outside of our staff, but we also emphasize to our students the importance of giving back to the community.  The following items describe our partnership with the parents and Anthony Wayne community, as well as in which our students reach out to our community

  • ongoing, open communication with parents to establish a partnership in working with children
  • many opportunities for parents and community members to volunteer at school and for our school
  • numerous local businesses support our school through the donation of rewards and volunteer support
  • extremely high percentage of parents attend school activities
  • encourage positive family interactions through special events and activities, such as: Guest to Art, Smithsonian, field trips, tutors, office and teacher assistants, Fun & Fitness Day, International Food Days
  • save pop tabs to support the Ronald McDonald House
  • support other charities each year such as, the American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Diabetes Foundation, and more, to help students learn to give back to those in need.