Kevin Pfefferle, Principal
     ​​ 419-877-0466

As the high school principal, I believe that I have one of the best jobs in the world interacting daily with a variety of individuals that include, business and community members, teachers, staff, parents, and best of all students.  My job includes facilitating and implementing board policy, working on and with committees to study curriculum, instructional practices, and educational initiatives.  I also oversee the daily operations of the high school community, trouble shooting and making sure that students and staff have the necessary resources to implement and receive quality educational instruction.


Eric Hugueley, Assistant Principal (Grades 9 & 12)
     ​ 419-877-0466

I work as a member of the high school administrative team.  My duties include student attendance, student discipline, working closely with teachers and guidance counselors for student services, and various administrative projects. Please contact me with any questions regarding your son/daughter at 419-877-0466


John Snyder, Assistant Principal & Athletic Director

As Athletic Director I direct the planning, delivery, assessment, and ongoing improvement of the athletic program at Anthony Wayne.  Some of the specific duties I do are:  supervise, evaluate and hire coaches, schedule athletic contests, supervise athletic contests and student activities.  I administer community use of athletic facilities and perform preseason student athlete/parent meetings. I also oversee the athletic budget and work with the athletic boosters to pursue additional funding opportunities.  Another activity I do is oversee an ongoing maintenance program in regards to the improvement of the athletic facilities.  As a member of the administrative team some of my duties include, assisting in teacher evaluations and various administrative projects.  Please contact me if you have any concerns, needs, or questions at 419-877-0927.


Janelle Patek, Assistant Principal (Grades 10 & 11)
     ​ 419-877-0466

As a member of the administrative team, my duties include enforcing the student code of conduct and monitoring student attendance. I am also involved with the Ohio Graduation Test Lab as well as programs such as Strive and Red Ribbon Week.  Another aspect of my duties involves conducting teacher evaluations. 


Stephanie Buckenmeyer
HS/JH Assistant Principal of Curriculum & Career Development

"As a part of the Junior High and High School Administrative teams, I work with the other administrators to ensure our students have a wonderful educational experience at Anthony Wayne. My focus is to assist students in the exploration of careers, and future education. I also help to develop and create opportunities within the school day which foster growth towards future goals."


Secretarial Staff

Photo of the five high school secretaries sitting on a bench in front of the office.

School Counselors

Cheri Voltz, Building Secretary
      419-877-0466, ext. 12002

I am one of the secretaries working for the High School Principal, Dr. Pfefferle. In addition to the secretarial work I do for him, I am able to help with any general office questions.  Questions in regards to emails and announcements can be directed to me as I am responsible for sending this information out. I am the contact for our building substitutes and spend my mornings making sure everyone is in the correct place and that they know what the plans are for their day. 


Beth Walker, Secretary/Cashier
      419-877-0466, ext. 12001

I work in the main office.  Some of my responsibilities include answering the phone; checking the attendance line for absences; summer orders for supplies; make sure workbook and fee sheets are ready for registration. I pay the students' fees in the computer along with collecting money during the school year from club advisors and students for numerous things.  I also do the scheduling for fall and spring parent/teacher conferences.


Tiffany Tully, Records & Athletics Secretary
      419-877-0466, ext. 12003

I am in the front office attending to the phones and doors while assisting students with any questions that arise. I work in records by processing transcripts and work permits, as well as helping with athletics and organization of OHSAA rosters. 


Sandy Parker, Counseling Secretary
      419-877-0466, ext. 12005

My position is that of the school counselors’ secretary.  My job is to assist the counselors in organizing the many events that happen throughout the school year such as College Preview, Post Secondary Option night and Awards night.  I also update the current student’s records and transcripts, sending out the student’s final transcript to the college and universities.  I can answer questions about scholarship applications,  PSAT, ACT and SAT testing, along with getting your students PAM/SAM account information.  If you are planning on withdrawing your student from the high school I take care of getting your student’s records sent to their new school.  New students looking to enroll at the high school can contact me about getting them information about our curriculum and general information.


Laura Lochtefeld, Attendance Secretary
      419-877-0466, ext. 12004

The majority of my position at Anthony Wayne deals with attendance documentation and reporting. In the front office of the high school I am often one of the first people a visitor sees first when entering the building. Always being available to students/staff /administrators concerns is a big part of my day also, as well as being a member of the team answering phones.  Posting of information on the electronic sign in front of the high school is also a part of my position.


High School Nurse

Jill Beach, Nurse



Karen Bixler, Guidance Counselor S-Z

Beth Bunde, Guidance Counselor  A-Fa

Dan Kalo, Guidance Counselor Fr-La

Joe Puhl, Guidance Counselor Le-R