Junior High Ice Storage Project

Jan 5, 2012

The Junior High School received a "GREEN" air conditioning for the first floor classrooms this past summer.  These were the last regular education classrooms in the District to be air conditioned.  The project involved replacing all of the old original classroom unit ventilators, modifying piping and replacing circulation pumps, and installing ice storage tanks.  The ice storage tanks are partially buried in the ground along the East side of the Junior High.  Mr. Dick stated:  "The ice storage tanks allow us to make ice with the existing rooftop chiller over night, so the ice is available during the day to cool classrooms.  This allows us to avoid adding a much more expensive second rooftop chiller, that would have driven up our peak demand electric charges during the school day."  Building automation controls help assure the system is run efficiently.  The project was professionally executed by Industrial Power Systems of Maumee, Ohio; and Lake Erie Electric of Bowling Green, Ohio; with the assistance of Poggemeyer Design Group of Bowling Green, Ohio.