Anthony Wayne Operation's Department Mission Statement

AW Operations Department is committed to support the continued success of Anthony Wayne Local Schools in providing an excellent education for our students.  To achieve this mission, we will provide modern, attractive, comfortable, clean, sanitary and safe learning facilities, campuses, and athletic facilities; we will be committed to providing excellent customer service, cooperative teamwork, and sound planning; we will hire, retain and continuously train a professional staff; we will be sound stewards of our resources; and we will partner with and support our local communities and facility patrons.

Outstanding Operations Employees

Debbie Perry

Anthony Wayne Operations Department Names
Debbie Perry an Outstanding Operations Employee

Debbie Perry is being recognized as an Outstanding AWLS Operations Employee.  Debbie is currently a Custodian at the High School.  She started at AWLS as a sub Custodian at the High School in 1987; was contracted as Custodian 2 in 1998, and then contracted as a Custodian 1 at the high School in 2001.

Matt Dick, Director of Operations, nominated Deb stating: “Deb is one of those individuals who is ready every day to do whatever she can to help a coworker or staff member. No matter what the task, if it’s moving some items, organizing materials, helping with an activity, or picking up the responsibilities of an absent employee; Deb steps in, often without being asked. She seems determined to make a positive difference every day.”

When Deb is not at work, she loves to be very involved with her family. Deb and her husband Gary have raised three wonderful children; Christy, Nicky, and Jaeson, all of whom attended AWLS. Deb was very active in various activities with them ranging from FFA, Band, Choir, and Drama, just to name a few.  She now has four grandchildren to attend to; Dakota, Danielle, Kristian and Cole, who are her pride and joy. Deb loves to be very involved with them all, whether it’s babysitting Cole, taking them to appointments or just hanging out with her grandchildren, she makes it fun for all.

Laura Myerholtz, Custodial Supervisor, added that “ Debbie will go beyond her work related duties to take care of what’s needed without any question.  She can also work with a team and get the best results in a short amount of time.  Recently, Debbie helped fill in as the 2nd shift Engineer at the High School, while also accomplishing part of her job at the same time when the Department was short staffed.  Debbie is my reminder, or my “assistant” as we have called her.  I know we will all come to appreciate her even more some day when we try to fill the void that will occur when she retires from Anthony Wayne Schools.  The great work she continues to do here ensures she makes quite an impact on a daily basis, and that’s not easily done some days. Debbie, thank you for your tireless devotion, thanks for being a helpful coworker, and a good friend."

Justin Vandiver

AWLS Operations Department has recognized Justin Vandiver as an outstanding employee!

Justin started with AWLS in May 2010 as a Custodian at Waterville and then the Junior High. He later became 2nd shift Building Engineer at the High School, and moved to the Waterville Primary as Building Engineer in 2014.

The duties of his position include opening the building each morning, firing boilers and running HVAC equipment, performing repairs and preventive maintenance tasks, helping with lunch, and responding to the needs of students and staff throughout the school day.

Justin graduated from Springfield High School, and then earned a B.A. at Pensacola Bible Institute in 2005. He has worked as a youth minister, and song and choir leader at Toledo Baptist Temple. Justin is known for his wonderful singing voice, which can occasionally be heard at work.

Justin and his wife Missy have two wonderful children, James (6) and Lilly (2) and are very devoted and active in their church. Justin would probably also add, GO BUCKS!

John Dobson, Maintenance Supervisor, nominated Justin stating: “Justin is a perfect fit for his position at Waterville, he takes great care of the building, and his students and staff.  He has sound skills in light building maintenance and operations (plumbing, electrical, wall repair, HVAC, etc.); but his interactions with children are exceptional. He welcomes them every morning with a greeting and a big smile, and demonstrates caring and thoughtful attention to their needs throughout the day. We are very grateful and fortunate to have him at Waterville.”

Matt Dick, Director of Operations at AWLS added that “Justin certainly is a perfect fit for his position and a real blessing to all of us. He takes full advantage of the opportunities he has every day to make a difference in children’s lives; whether it’s a big welcome, a warm smile, or a helpful hand. Justin is always positive and always ready to help, which brings out the best in all of us. We are very pleased to recognize Justin as an outstanding person, and employee.” 


Darlene Frishe

Anthony Wayne Operations Department Names Darlene Frishe an
Outstanding Operations Employee

Darlene Frishe, among other things, is an outstanding AWLS Operations Employee.  Darlene is currently a Custodian at Whitehouse Primary School.  She started at AWLS as a Custodian at the High School in February 2010, and recently transferred to Whitehouse Primary.

Darlene and her husband Steven have raised 2 wonderful children, Mindy (23) and Kyle (26), who both graduated from AWHS. They all enjoyed being involved with the AWLS Future Farmers Association program throughout their children’s education.

Darlene herself had a strong background in agriculture, starting at the age of 8 in her family’s business, Kyle Farms, working there for 30 years! She worked the farm’s soybean, corn and wheat fields; delivered vegetables to local markets; and also warmly recalls starting at 3 in the morning in the greenhouse with her father, working with vegetables and growing flower baskets. Working 6 days a week and 10 or more hours per day on the farm for many years provided her with an exceptional work ethic and teamwork orientation that has been very evident in her work at AWLS.

Laura Myerholtz, Custodial Supervisor, nominated Darlene stating: “We all commit to doing a good job every day; but Darlene is one of those exceptional people who manages to achieve at a very high level in almost every aspect of her duties including excellent attendance, work detail,  teamwork and cooperation, interaction with our customers; and demonstrates sincere caring and friendship towards her coworkers, students, staff and parents every day. Darlene creates a positive, rewarding, and motivating energy around her that elevates us all; she is an easy choice for me to nominate for Operations Outstanding Employee.
When Darlene’s not at work, she loves to be very involved with her family, take walks and bike rides to keep active, and walking her three dogs.

Darlene loves the students and she says people are so wonderful.  She loves the people she works for.

Matt Dick, Director of Operations at AWLS added that “Darlene Frishe is just wonderful to work with, and a blessing for AW students, staff and parents. We have many excellent Custodians to be proud of at AW, but Darlene is a stand out in several ways. She always has a smile and positive thought; her work is thoughtful and purposeful; her attendance, dependability, and dedication are unquestionable. Darlene provides a benchmark for others and myself to strive for, she elevates us all by her example.”

Pam Strayer

Anthony Wayne Operations Department Names Pam Strayer an
Outstanding Operations Employee


Pam Strayer has worked for the district for over 20 years, beginning as a substitute playground aid.  Her first contracted position was a playground aide at Monclova Primary, then she moved to Whitehouse Primary as a cafeteria aide.  Pam accepted an additional position as a High School Custodian and eventually resigned her cafeteria position.  Pam has been an excellent addition to our High School staff and keeps everything running smoothly each morning.  As the only morning Custodian in the High School, she does everything from cleaning up after student arrival to shoveling snow or helping the building Engineer make a repair.  Pam enjoys the camaraderie and considers her co-workers friends and family.  Pam has been married 37 years to husband Terry and has two children - Stephanie and Jeffery and three wonderful grandchildren - Justin, 12, Ryland, 9 and Lydia, 19 months.  Pam likes to garden and has a seasonal produce stand that keeps her busy during the growing months.  She also loves visiting her grandkids as much as she can.

Laura Myerholtz, Custodial Supervisor, added “Big congratulations” are in order for our outstanding operations employee!  Pam is well respected within the Anthony Wayne Community.  She always stays positive no matter what the situation.  She has proven to be hardworking, determined, and a dedicated individual. She always has a positive attitude and her strengths are found in her motivation, initiative, and excellent organizational skills.”  Pam certainly deserves this recognition and our thanks for a job well done.” 

Matt Dick, Director of Operations, considers Pam to be one of the most dependable and grounded members of our staff.  “Pam is so representative of the best of the AW community.  Her family has deep roots to the area and our schools; and her core values reflect the  no-nonsense, hard working, and resourceful characteristics that come from a farming background.  She does a great job every day, and always finds something to do or somebody to help.”

Jarrid Sparks

Anthony Wayne Operations Department Names Jarrid Sparks an Outstanding Operations Employee


Jarrid Sparks, Building Engineer at Fallen Timbers Middle School, has been recognized as one of AWLS Operations Department’s Outstanding Employees of the 2012/2013 school year.  Jarrid was originally hired as a Custodian in 2002, and has been the Building Engineer at Fallen Timbers Middle School since 2007.

Jarrid is a 1998 graduate of Anthony Wayne High School, and a resident of Waterville.  In his spare time he enjoys fishing with his dad.  Jarrid says: “I enjoy coming to work everyday to make my building a safe place for students to learn.  I also enjoy the people I work with and being part of the Anthony Wayne family.”  Jarrid is of course very proud of his mother, Jan Sparks, who teaches Kindergarten at Waterville Primary School.

John Dobson, Maintenance Supervisor, has this to say about Jarrid:  “When Jarrid was first hired as a Custodian, he showed excellent self motivation and a positive attitude. When he was hired into the Fallen Timbers Engineer position he maintained that excellent attitude and worked hard at improving his knowledge and experience in facility operations. Over the past 5 years Jarrid has learned his building and increased his knowledge of mechanical and HVAC systems so he now can effectively operate the complex building systems and automation program at FTMS. Jarrid also always drops what he’s doing to answer radio calls concerning his students, teachers, and staff. He also helps out the Operations department by working special events. I really enjoy working with Jarrid. He is one of our best engineers and a great asset to AWLS. I hope he continues with our District as the Fallen Timbers Engineer.

Matt Dick, Operations Director, appreciates Jarrid’s positive outlook and willingness to tackle any problem.  “We were especially impressed when Jarrid proactively took building Maintenance courses at Owens Community College to prepare himself for the Engineer position before it became available. It gave him the needed background in building electrical systems, HVAC and low pressure boilers. After that, his desire to learn and become proficient in his craft have taken over.  We are fortunate to have him on staff.”

Les Lulfs

Les Lulfs Named Outstanding Employee of the Quarter for the 2011/12 School Year

Les is the Building Engineer at Monclova primary School.  He is pictured above with Tom Eichenlaub of Nordman Roofing, who awarded Les a $25 gift certificate to recognize his efforts.  Mr. Eichenlaub, a Waterville resident, stated "Nordman Roofing is pleased to be able to participate in a recognition program for the the people who do an outstanding job cleaning and maintaining AW facilities, they really do an excellent job."

Les was nominated by Monclova 2nd grade Teacher Robin Buffy who wrote: “Les is constantly on the move. He keeps the school a clean, healthy and safe place for students, staff and community members.  Whenever and whatever I need, Les is my go-to guy. When he is asked to do something for the classroom he is prompt, has fun with the students when they are in the room and helpful in getting things fixed that are out of his area of expertise. Les isn't just our school engineer, he is part of our team and a friend to many”.  

Les was also nominated by Matt Dick and John Dobson in recognition of his upcoming retirement and the excellent job Les has done at AWLS since 2002; and in particular the efficient and effective way he has served as Building Engineer at Monclova for the past six years.  According to Matt Dick, “Les has been a steady and solid team member since day one at AWLS, and his job as building Engineer at Monclova has been a blessing to our Department.  Les handles day to day problems with ease, and he is adept at recognizing future maintenance needs and issues, which is a great help. We have been fortunate to have Les on duty at Monclova all this time, he will be missed, and we wish him well in his retirement.”

John Dobson added... “Les has always tried hard to accommodated his teachers, administrators, and buildings needs. He is punctual and dependable especially for snow removal around his building. Les has a well rounded mechanical ability which can be hard to find these days. He has demonstrated his ability to always keep learning and growing on the job.  I hope Les enjoys his well deserved retirement.”

Les has been with Anthony Wayne Schools for 10 years.  He has been married to his wife Karen  for 43 years.  Les is an avid coin and gold collector, and is looking forward to visiting as many garage sales as possible to treasure hunt.  He also enjoys riding his motorcycle, spending time with their two dogs, and he probably will have a long honey-do list as they are moving soon (locally).  Les added “Thank you for all the kind words and for 10 great years at Anthony Wayne School, It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with all the GREAT staff members, students and community.”

Tanasa Hoertz

The Operations Department is pleased to announce Tanasa Hoertz as the Operations Emlpoyee of the Quarter


Tanasa is a Custodian I at AW High School and was nominated by Kevin Chirnside who wrote: “Tanasa holds her job to a high standard and if there is some reason she doesn’t feel it’s been accomplished correctly, she’ll stay until it is.  She has a very tactful way of motivating people which keeps attitudes positive and provides a great work environment”. 


Laura Myerholtz, Custodial Supervisor adds:  “Tanasa gives new meaning to the term ‘service with a smile’. She has a keen eye to detail and does not leave things undone.  She maintains a positive and motivated attitude while working with staff and co-workers.  Tanasa is consistently reliable and always responsive to requests for additional cleaning; she really goes above and beyond her areas of responsibility."

Matt Dick, Director of Operations added that: “Tanasa is one of those rare people who always has a smile, a laugh and a hello to share; she lightens the mood and brightens your day every time.  Oh, and yes, she is an awesome cleaner and always willing to help where ever she can when someone needs a hand. Here's a new word for everyone: "Tanacity"."


Tanasa has been with Anthony Wayne Schools for 8 years.  She has been married to husband David for 26 years and has three children: Whitney, 21 and twins Andrew and Katheryn, 20 all of whom attended Anthony Wayne Schools.  Tanasa enjoys vacationing with her family, and spending time at home with her 3 dogs and 3 cats. Tanasa looks forward to coming to work and adds:  “My Anthony Wayne ‘family’ is a joy to work with.  We work together as a team and I always feel a sense of accomplishment when we complete the tasks at hand.”

​In recognition of her efforts, Nordman Roofing presented Tanasa with a $25 gift certificate.


Firewood Available

Anthony Wayne Local Schools has free fire wood available to Anthony Wayne Area residents.  The wood consists of primarily Ash and Oak with some other species.  Interested AW residents must obtain an AWLS Fire Wood Removal Permit.  To obtain the permit, you must meet the following qualifications: 1) complete an application; 2) sign a liability waiver; 3) agree the wood will only be used by the applicant and will not be sold, traded or bartered; 4) agree the wood will not be transported outside the Anthony Wayne Local Schools District or the Ohio Emerald Ash Borer Quarantine area; 5) agree to repair any damage done to AW grounds; 6) agree that fire wood may only be removed according to the terms of the permit; and 7) applicants must live in the Anthony Wayne Local Schools District.  A Fire Wood Removal Permit Application may be downloaded at or by calling the Operations Department at 419-877-1200.  The District will allocate, in its sole discretion, wood amounts and removal times among those qualified for a permit.  It is not guaranteed that all qualified applicants will receive wood, and the AWLS District reserves the right to suspend distribution at any time.