PaySchools Central

Anthony Wayne Schools offers PaySchools Central,  a web-based cafeteria management software that allows parents the ability to manage their students’ cafeteria account as well as school fees effectively and efficiently.

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The Parent Home Page Information

We now offer PaySchools Central as a resource for the parents of students in our district. PaySchools Central is a secure payment system which simplifes school payments in an easy-to-use online portal. It enables parents to fund lunch accounts and pay required and optional fees online quickly and easily. PaySchools Central also allows parents to opt into and manage email reminders about their student’s accounts, so it’s easy to remember to replenish lunch accounts or pay for that upcoming  field trip.

Why PaySchools Central?

Payments can be made by credit card 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at the parents’ convenience – online or via the mobile app.

Parents can review student purchases, along with account balance information. 

PaySchools Central supports increased communication between our school and our families. 

Online payments are fast, easy to manage (even for multiple students), and more convenient than writing multiple checks.

At lunch time, our cashiers will spend less time taking cash at the serving lines, so students have more time to eat. 

No more lost lunch money, cash or checks on the journey from home to school!


Convenient Features for Parents

Parents can opt in to receive email notifications when a student account balance falls below a threshold set by the parent

Parents can use an automatic payment feature which replenishes their student account(s) when the balance falls below a level set by the parent • Important school communications are automatically emailed to parents

Student information is automatically transferred from year to year and even from school to school

Parents can manage accounts for multiple students with a single login • Parents can manage payments via an easy-to-use online portal, or while on the go with a convenient mobile app

PaySchools is PCI compliant and maintains industry standard SSL certificates. This ensures all data is safe and secure

A continuous online survey is provided to monitor parent feedback and ideas

Setting Up Your Account

We have implemented PaySchools Central, an online payment platform, to help make managing lunch and fee payments easier for our students’ parents. The portal is easy to set up and use, both online and via the mobile app. To get started, follow the instructions below.

If you need help along the way, please contact us: Phone: 1-877-393-6628 Email:

  1. Visit our portal using your Internet browser.
  2. Select the “Register” option from the menu. The portal will guide you through the steps you need to follow to establish your account and set up your students.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your contact data and a payment method to activate your account.
  4. Once all information is entered, you will receive an email from PaySchools Central with a link to confirm the registration and create your password. Once your password is saved, you can log in and begin using PaySchools Central as often as you’d like.
  5. The first time you log in, you will need to indicate which student(s) to attach to your account using the Add/View student tab. Students are already loaded in the PaySchools Central system. PaySchools Central utilizes the same student ID number used for your lunch purchases. If you are unsure of your student’s ID number, please contact the school.
  6. The ACH fee per transaction when using an electronic check is $1.75: When using a debit or credit card for a lunch transaction less than $50 the fee is$1.65: The internet convenience fee per transaction when using credit or debit card is 3.9%:


Click HERE for a pdf copy of these instructions.




Need help? Contact PaySchools Central to learn more at 1-877-393-6628