Methods / Student Teachers and Student Observers:

Anthony Wayne Local Schools supports students who are pursuing a degree in teaching or other related education field.  The district recognizes and values these students and their institutions of higher learning.  Many programs require observation hours and or methods/student teaching as part of their coursework so that students can gain real-world experiences in school/classroom settings as a part of their educational experience.  However, due to the large amount of requests the district receives, Anthony Wayne Local Schools has developed guidelines for placing methods/student teachers and student observers.  If you are looking to complete methods/student teaching or observation hours at one of the Anthony Wayne school buildings, please follow the guidelines below so that your request can be processed quickly and efficiently. 

Please Note:  Anthony Wayne Local Schools discourages recent graduates and former students from completing methods/student teaching experiences and/or observation hours in buildings they have attended within the district.  There are several reasons for this.  Methods/student teaching and/or observation experiences are excellent ways for students to begin building professional contacts and networks.  By completing college/university field experiences in other districts, students can begin building their professional contact and network list.  This is especially true in today’s very competitive job market.  While coming back to Anthony Wayne is often convenient, it is often not the most beneficial in terms of learning.  Recent graduates and former students can benefit greatly from completing their field placements at other districts and seeing how other schools run their buildings and/or classrooms.  Some exceptions may be made if a placement request is made in a highly specialized field and/or subject area.

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All methods / student teaching placements must be made with college/university placement offices.  If you wish to complete methods/student teaching at Anthony Wayne Local Schools, please have your program placement coordinator contact the Central Administration office.  Most of the colleges and universities in this area have established communication with AWLS and already use this process.  All methods / student teachers will be required to have a FBI/BCI background check (having been completed within the last calendar year) on file at the Board of Education office.  All methods / student teaching placements must be approved at both the Central Administration Office and building levels by the building principal and cooperating teacher.



All student observers are asked to complete the    “Student Observer Request Form” and either scan and email or fax this form along with a copy of their course syllabus or assignment description.  Once received, potential student observers will be contacted and an attempt will be made for a placement.  Please allow a minimum of two weeks after submitting your information for a placement to be secured.

Email to:

Fax No:    419-877-9352