Jim Fritz

419-877-5377  superintendent@anthonywayneschools.org

The mission of the Anthony Wayne Local Schools is to partner with our community to engage all students in educational opportunities empowering them to be active, responsible, and productive citizens in our global society.

As superintendent of the Anthony Wayne Local Schools, I fulfill multiple leadership roles in an effort to achieve our mission. 

  • As an instructional leader, I work to create conditions to maximize high levels of teaching and learning.
  • As a collaborative leader, I work to create and maintain strong relationships with the board of education, treasurer, district staff, parents, and the community. 
  • As a visionary leader, I work to model collaboration while setting goals for instruction, learning, and achievement. 
  • As a focused leader, I work to continuously monitor and evaluate actions and resources to achieve high-level goals for all students. 
  • As a connected leader, I work to create structures for our parents and our community to work with us to maximize student achievement. 

In an effort to fulfill the various leadership roles above, I must:

  • Establish a shared vision, expect continuous improvement and develop a focused plan for achieving district goals.
  • Establish processes to effectively communicate and collaborate.
  • Work with the board of education to identify, prioritize and set policies and governance procedures to maximize the success of all students.
  • Lead the creation of instructional systems designed for high student achievement.
  • Manage and organize the district's resources to accomplish district goals.

Within all of these roles and responsibilities, I am a strong advocate for our students.

Lori Hankins
Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent
     419-877-5377 lhankins@anthonywayneschools.org

My duties include providing administrative support to the Superintendent.  I work with the superintendent and the treasurer to prepare the board agendas as well as maintain the official board of education minutes from the board meetings.  I am primarily responsible for updating the district website along with maintaining the district Facebook page.  I serve as an office coordinator for the Central Administrative Office by scheduling internal and external building use of the CAO.