AWLS Portrait of a General

Over the last 6 months, various members of the AWLS staff, administration, and board members worked with Battelle for Kids to actively engage the community in developing a Portrait of A General, a collective vision that articulates our community's aspirations for all our of our students. 

We wanted our Portrait of A General to be locally developed, but globally positioned, and we welcomed many voices and elicited input from stakeholders inside our school system and within our community. The Portrait of A General Design Team, a group of approximately 50 people, had four meetings to design our Portrait. This process was facilitated by Battelle for Kids; a national educational organization committed to working with school districts and communities to realize the power and promise of 21st century learning for all students. 

Now more than ever, our learning experiences must continue to not only provide for the acquisition of rigorous academic content, but must also be intentional about fostering critical thinking, communication, collaboration, a learner's mindset, adaptability and flexibility, and empathy, and other 21st century skills our students need to thrive. We will work with you to engage in conversations and actions that allows our students to learn and grow in our Portrait of A General competency areas. From our kindergartner's to our seniors- this work has enduring impact. Each of us will play an important role in making the Portrait of A General a reality for every student as we continue to create meaningful learning experiences every day. 

We look forward to working with all of you to make sure all of our seniors are ready for the future- whatever the path they may choose.

Portrait of a General Team Members

Adrianna Moscato - AWHS Student
Andrea Pontsler - AWLS Teacher
Andrew Teet - AWLS Alumni/FFA Alumni
Angela Gardner - Director of Special Education (7-12), AW Parent
Bob Pfefferle - Retired Educator & Superintendent, AW Community Member
Brad Morgan- AW Business Advisor Member
Brian Carrol - AW Alumni, Business Owner, School Assistant Treasurer at Perrysburg
Bryan Dekay - AWHS Teacher
Chris Hamady - Director of Technology
Chris Hill - AW Parent
Cindi Hamblin - AW Parent
Dawn Buskey - Former AW Parent; President of ProMedica Monroe Regional Hospital
Dawn Ray - AW Parent
Dermot Forde - AW Parent, Director of Advising at BGSU
Donavan Eason - AWHS Student
Doug Zimmerman - AWLS Board Member
Dr. Brian Billings - Director of Gifted
Dr. Brian Bocian - Fallen Timbers Middle School Principal, AW Parent
Dr. Jamie Hollinger - Waterville Primary Principal
Dr. Kevin Pfefferle - High School Principal, AW Parent
England Allen - AW Junior High Student
Jake Zajkowski - AWHS Student
Jayna Reagan - AW Parent
Jeff Baden - AWLS Board Member
Jeff Flory - AWHS Student
Jeff Valuck - AW Business Owner
Jessica Mead - Media Center Specialist at Fallen Timbers Middle School 
Jim Conner - AWLS Director of Teaching & Learning, AW Parent
Jim Fritz - AW Superintendent, AW Parent
Joe Sarnes - AW Parent, Assistant Director of Teaching & Learning at Perrysburg
Josh Doyle - AW Business Owner
Karen Bixler - AWHS Counselor
Kevin Herman - Assistant Superintendent
Kevin O'Conner - AWHS Teacher, AW Parent
Kim Trenka - Former AW Parent, Nurse
Lauren Swartz - AWHS Student
Matt Beakas - AWJH Teacher
Meghan Schmidbauer - Owens Community College Assistant Dean for Admissions and K-12 Partnerships
Mike O'Shea - AW Parent, Pastor at Waterville Community Church
Rachel Birt - Monclova Teacher
Rachel Wixey - Parent, AWLS Business Advisor Member, Business Owner
Rick Yokum - AW Parent, AWLS Business Advisor Member, IT System Administrator at Spartan Chemical
Ryan Shiverdecker - AWHS Teacher
Shelby Tupciauskas - AW Junior High Student
Steve Letzring - AW Parent, Senior IT Project Manager 
Theresa Kleinfelter - AW Parent
Tom Dalagiannis - AW Parent, Doctor at Arrowhead Plastic Surgeons
Val Bradfield - Waterville Primary Nurse