Whitehouse Primary School Store


The school store is operated by our fourth grade students.  It is open each morning throughout the school year, beginning Monday, August 26th.  Items are on sale from about 8:30 until about 8:45 each morning.  All students are welcome to purchase items from the school store when it is open. Items available at the school store include:

Item Price
No. 2 pencil 10¢
Pencil Top Eraser 10¢
Folder 25¢
Glue Stick 25¢
Large Eraser 25¢
Pencil Grip 25¢
Red Marking Pen 25¢
Whitehouse Spirit Pencil 25¢
Erasable Pen 50¢
Glue (Bottle) 50¢
Highlighter 50¢
Mechanical Pencil 50¢
Red Marking Pencil 50¢
Ruler 50¢
Spiral Notebook 50¢
Crayons (24 pack) $1.00
Loose Leaf Paper $1.00
Mechanical Pencil Lead (30pk) $1.00
Pencil Case $1.00
Scissors $1.00